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Wyoming Registered Agent

Aged Shelf Companies










  Ten year old shelf companies for $2500.  Request the list here.
  • Wyoming is #1 for business:  Tax Foundation ClaimsPlease see your tax advisor.
  • Wyoming Registered Agent Service is $75 per year.
  • Shelf companies are $1100 for a four year old shelf corporation or shelf LLC.
  • Mail forwarding $400 per year.  This is the same rate for the last 4 years.

What is a registered agent in Wyoming?

  • A Wyoming registered agent receives legal and other notices for the company.  For example, if someone sends a notice of audit, or notice of a lawsuit, then they serve that notice on the registered agent in Wyoming.  Then the registered agent will forward it to the client (owner of the company).
  • You can serve as your own Wyoming registered agent if you live in Wyoming.  If you don't live in Wyoming, you'll need someone in Wyoming who may receive notice during regular business hours.  That is why you should hire us, as your Wyoming Registered Agent, for $75 per year.

Obtain a shelf corporation for the following advantages:

  • Instant credibility for contract negotiations
  • Build corporate credit
  • Enhance your marketing plan
  • Increase customer confidence
  • Expedite start-up
  • Access lines of credit due to improved revenues

The advantage of Wyoming over Delaware or Nevada:

  • Wyoming offers the best business environment when the business is to be held privately. 
  • Wyoming offers the best tax environment.
  • Wyoming annual state fee is $50.  Delaware fees are over $300.  Nevada annual fees are $650 with the annual business license and the annual list of officers.
  • No business license required for most businesses.
  • No personal income tax.
  • No corporation income tax.
  • No disclosure of the shareholders.
  • No franchise tax.
  • No inventory tax.
  • No business per capita tax
  • No gross receipts tax
  • Stock ledger does not need to be held with the Wyoming registered agent.  In contrast, the State of Nevada requires that the stock ledger be held with the registered agent or the address where the stock ledger will be found.  No such requirement exists in Wyoming.
  • Wyoming permits unlimited authorized shares at no par value.
  • No minimum capitalization.
  • Director(s) and Officer(s) may be located anywhere in the world friendly to the USA.
  • Shares of stock in a Wyoming corporation can be traded for anything that has value.

Great opportunities wait for you in Wyoming, USA.

There are certain countries with a reputation for high income taxes and high levels of unnecessary regulations on small business:

  • Italy
  • India
  • Belgium
  • Norway
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Peru
  • Denmark
  • Austria
  • Greece

If you're from a high tax country and would like to start a company within the United States, and pay a flat rate of 21% federal income tax, call us at 484.256.4563 or email at

The United States offers the best business environment supported by the world's most accepted currency.

  • 21% flat federal income tax rate for corporations.
  • US Dollar based economy.
  • Most complex economy.
  • Competitive in all respects.
  • Rich and varied consumer base.
  • Massive infrastructure.
  • Clean living environment.
  • Growing economy.
  • Personal liberty is protected by the right to bear firearms.
  • A market for every product.
  • A culture that rewards and celebrates individualism and independent thinking.
  • Each city is multi-cultural.
  • A country with beaches, mountains, plains, with every activity in between.
  • Every region of the USA has its own mannerisms, culture, and way of living.
  • A well established distribution network with equal access.
  • A stable and egalitarian rule of law.
  • High growth environment with the most diverse workforce and customer base in the world.
  • New ideas and industries start in the USA.
  • You are defined by merit, and not by age, family name, or political or social status.
  • Diverse cultures, foods, ideas, visions, dress, languages, and opportunities.


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Wyoming registered agent service for your shelf company.  Learn how to draft corporate resolutions.